2022 News

RGC is open for classes

Mon-Wed Nov 21-23

Closed Thur & Fri

There are a few new openings, so please check out our class listing tables.  If you still can't find the opening you want, we encourage you to sign up on the Wait List. We register kids year-round, as kids move up and we get openings.

UAGL High Flyers.jpeg

Tennessee Twisters Gym Team
at UAGL Championships


Mom and Me for Ages 2-4

On-My-Own for Ages 4-6

All the same events as the big kids, but scaled down for the tiny student. Early athletic training gives your child benefits that reach far into the future, to help with their social skills, reading skills, and later athletic achievement.

School Age

Tumbling, uneven bars, balance beam, vault and Tumbl Trak are always on the menu.  Beginners start at Level 1 and earn ribbons, pins, and certificates as they move up through the levels. Their progress is so important to us that we send you an email with each new skill attained, and you can also use the Parent Portal to chart their achievments.

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Ninja Monkey Head_edited.png

Mini Ninjas                    Ages 3-5

Ninja Monkeys              Ages 5 and up

                                      Boys and Girls

This class is all about agility, strength, movement, FUN, obstacle courses and tumbling skills.

Girls' Gymnastics Competition Team

Twisters Gymnastics Team members are invited from the recreational school age classes after the students reach Levels 3-4.  If your student is interested in team, please be sure to let her coach know!  Competitions are held in Paducah, Kentucky starting in late Fall. Team practices are year-round, with an in-house camp during the summer.

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Summer Camps 


Private Open Gym

Home Schooll Classes 
Will Return in Fall 2022